Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Who are we?

The everlasting conundrum of the people called Nigerians has raised up such phrases like “geographical expression”, “geographical entity”, “artificial creation”, “colonial creation.” Are we a state in the true meaning of the word state? Hobbes theorised that a state is created to bring and end to the anarchy or individualised existence and Locke proposed that the creation of state was for the protection of life and property. We all know that this does not apply to Naija.

Naija was created out of the consolidation of British ‘real estate’ adjacent to the river Niger. It was named by the lightskirt, and later wife of the ‘estate-manager’ of the real estate. It was never administered as a state but as a well-spring of resources to a greedy eyed empire. It only became a state at the end of colonialism because the US was throwing its weight around (what’s new?) and insisted on states being created as opposed to a return to status quo ante of the real estate.

54 years after ‘independence’ (supposedly we are independent) we still have no conception of who we are. This has been further obscured by irresponsible leadership, selfish international influence and apathetic ‘citizenship’. (can we call ourselves citizens if we do not belong to a state stricto sensu?) In 1966, the talented Mr. Peter Enahoro wrote a book titled “How to be a Nigerian” which while being comical and insightful managed to capture the essence of the southern-most part of Nigeria alone. Our 3 main languages are a great insult to over 500 languages spoken by ethnic Nigerians, which are slowly dying out in favour of those 3. The supposed main tribes of Nigeria are minor compared to the 400 others which nobody cares to know about. How can we be Nigeria when we do not know what Nigeria is?

We have had a state imposed on us, leaders imposed on us, languages imposed on us, a way of life imposed on us. At over 50 years we are reminiscent of a retarded vegetable, who will never answer to his name, we are abandoned, despised a paraplegic parasite, constantly soiling himself. A deranged billy-goat meekly being led to the slaughter while frantically bleating out the name of its ancestors. Now more than ever before, we need to take this moment in time, and the first time in history decide our future; throw of our chains; refuse to be led by morons. Now more than ever before, we have to find Nigeria and then find our way home, wherever home may be. For our children... for their future...

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  1. well said! very well said!!
    this message needs to be shouted from the rooftops! especially as we have s/elections coming up!!