Sunday 10 November 2013

Films I am looking forward to watching

12 years a slave

Although, the era of slave movies seems to have died out (Amazing Grace and Amistad were the last big ones), I think Chiwetel will give good value for money. The cast seems good. I am a bit doubtful of Brad Pitt, though, his performances are usually stellar, but movie audiences do not exactly seem to appreciate his acting prowess, which I have not doubted since Legends of the Fall. 12 years a slave nevertheless seems like good cinema.

Half of a Yellow Sun
I know, Chiwetel again, but this is a book I enjoyed and I do so sincerely hope that the film does the book credit. There are some stories that have to be told and I think Ms Adiche did well to tell the story of Biafra. As Nigerians we should not shy away from our history, we should embrace it, learn from it and grow.

Long Walk to Freedom
This is Nelson Mandela's story so it will of necessity have friends and foes, a bit like Gandhi, but more so. Nevertheless, I think it will be worth a watch, especially of you have read the book.

Let me know what films you'd like to see and why.

Saturday 9 November 2013

african child the second