Monday 3 April 2023

Decolonisation and Legal Knowledge: Out Now!

 So, I spent most of the lockdown and post lockdown periods in a most "enjoyable" manner... writing a book! Looking back, I have no idea why I decided to write a book during a global plague. But I had started a lot of the research for it some years prior, so it seemed like a good idea for me to begin writing at that time. The book that came out of all this is titled, "Decolonisation and Legal Knowledge: Reflections on Power and Possibility." It is now available for pre-order from Bristol University Press. The e-book is being released at the same time as the hardcover. The paperback will be released sometime later. I would really appreciate it if you could recommend the hardcover to your university or other libraries that you use, and also pre-order a soft copy for personal use. [See info on recommendation in image below].